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News From The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

The DEA will be introducing a new initiative entitled Integrated Drug Enforcement Assistance (IDEA) that will combine a law enforcement effort with a partnership alongside community coalitions for a long-lasting impact to reduce demand through drug prevention and treatment programs. 
<Read DEA News Release about IDEA>

The DEA also hosted a symposium on narco-terrorism to educate the American public about the link between terrorism and drugs.   “Target America: Traffickers, Terrorists, and Your Kids” will take place on Tuesday, December 4, 2001.
<Read DEA News Release About This Symposium On Narco-terrorism>

DEA to Host First-Ever
Symposium on Narco-Terrorism

“You cannot fight terrorism without fighting drugs.”

“The drug lords and smugglers 
breed a culture of illegality that fosters terrorism.”

Asa Hutchinson
DEA Administrator

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Asa Hutchinson and the DEA Museum will host a first-ever national symposium on narco-terrorism. The event, “Target America: Traffickers, Terrorists, and Your Kids” will take place on Tuesday, December 4, 2001, at 10:00 AM. It will be held in DEA’s auditorium at 700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia. A press availability with the moderator and panelists will be held immediately following the conclusion of the symposium at 12:30 PM in the DEA Auditorium.

CNN’s Robert Novak will moderate the panel. Panelists will include: Senior Policy Analyst at the Congressional Research Service Raphael Perl; Retired Colombian National Police Chief Jose Rosso Serrano; DEA Assistant Administrator for Intelligence Steve Casteel; Partnership for a Drug Free America President Stephen Pasierb; President of the Entertainment Industries Council Brian Dyak; and former Deputy Director of Counter Terrorism at the State Department Larry Johnson.

The symposium is designed to educate the American public about the link between terrorism and drugs. The DEA Museum and the DEA Museum Foundation are launching an effort to build a first-class museum exhibit and educational program to share with the American public the significant and complex relationships between terrorism and drug trafficking. This symposium is the first step in bringing together some of the best minds in the field for a provocative discussion on this important subject. The subsequent national museum exhibit will provide the public with a never-before-seen look into the world of narco-terrorism.

 DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson
Introduces Innovative Drug Strategy

Asa Hutchinson, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration announced today a coordinated anti-drug plan that combines law enforcement with intensive community follow-up designed to reduce drug demand. The program, entitled “IDEA” for Integrated Drug Enforcement Assistance, will team the DEA with state and local law enforcement to arrest and prosecute the most significant drug traffickers within designated communities, and will then form coalitions to reduce demand through drug prevention and treatment.

Administrator Hutchinson stated, “This new initiative is consistent with President Bush’s message last Friday in which he emphasized that both education and drug enforcement are essential to solving America’s drug problem.” President Bush stated, “America cannot pick and choose between these goals. All are necessary if any are to be effective.”

Administrator Hutchinson continued, “Under this new initiative, the DEA will combine a law enforcement effort with a partnership alongside community coalitions for a long-lasting impact to reduce demand through drug prevention and treatment programs.”

The program will consist of Community Action Teams encompassing DEA enforcement personnel with an on-site Demand Reduction Coordinator and a DEA Intelligence Analyst. This program aims to double the number of Demand Reduction personnel within DEA and ultimately place a Demand Reduction Coordinator in every state.

A community commitment is the focus of IDEA. Follow-up to enforcement efforts will involve community-based organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, parks and recreation departments, schools, drug courts, and restorative justice. The program will also include an advisory council comprised of officials from law enforcement, the judiciary, substance abuse, and crime prevention. These experts will consult with DEA on the program design, its implementation, and the final evaluation.


In addition to the contributions of professional personnel to IDEA, the program will incorporate volunteers consisting of current and former law enforcement employees, concerned citizens, and youth group volunteers. This will be augmented with demand reduction training in areas of community mobilization, coalition building, prevention and treatment. Administrator Hutchinson will encourage DOJ asset forfeiture recipients to increase contributions to community demand reduction efforts.

In summary, Administrator Hutchinson stated, “The answer to America’s drug problem must come from the community. This is good, grass roots democracy at its old-fashioned best. DEA is proud to partner with neighborhoods across the nation to make a safer America. Together, that’s how we’ll win against drugs—one community, one neighborhood, one life at a time becoming drug-free.”

For further information concerning the press conference, please contact:
Special Agent Michael Chapman, Chief of Public Affairs, (202) 307-7977
Special Agent Pam Brown, IDEA Coordinator, (202) 307-8000


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